Martin Bencher required a 3D animation to showcase how shipping and storage can be simplified for anyone with use of their product.


This long animation was built to the requirements of the Martin Bencher company for use as marketing material at trade shows. It is detailed in the usage of their shipping process and lacks any audio, so that the salesmen could discuss it with clients while it played in the background.

The company needed this done under intense time constraints, which forced everything to remain low resolution and simple, but allowed me to develop a fast-paced workflow from building the scenes (the 3D models were given to me, requiring the updating of some texture maps), to animating, to rendering, and then editing it all together with a few additional motion graphic scenes included to display the progression across the map.

This was built using Maya, and while there are a number of visual glitches that I would have preferred to clean up, I was only granted enough time to render this out once. This forced me to employ some creative editing and visual tricks to get it up to this level of quality.