Solving design challenges with math and creativity is my passion.

Emoji Blues

I have the enthusiasm and the drive to create solutions that are beautiful and functional. Aspiring to build things that make life easier, and that are simple and effective. Ever since getting my degree in Digital Media I have been continually expanding and refining my skills to keep up with the ever-changing digital landscape. My major ambition has been finding new and exciting puzzles to solve, with user friendly interfaces and eye-catching visuals.

My hunger to learn more has helped me stay outside the box and keep my ideas fresh. I love learning about different art forms that can expand on what we do in design! With great designs come high expectations - so it's important not only be creative but also listen carefully when working with other people as their needs may differ from yours.

The Quiet Design Online Shop is just my latest passion project to find a new outlet for my unique work.


MULTIMEDIA development combines all forms of digital design

My work is a passionate effort to explore the digital world through various media. I am able to communicate information in different formats for modern society and can visually represent anything from textures and patterns to 3D models of buildings and 2D character animations, all while processing voiceover and sound effects to complement any moment or mood!